Sunday, November 10, 2013

D&D 2013!

This year's D&D theme was at Rextro and everyone had to come in Retro attire together with their team! And we had five teams in total!

#1 Wondergirls Team (look at the girls!)

#2 Acrobat Team!

#3 Mata Mata Team!

#4 The Suspender Team!

#5 The Polkadot / Ang Kong Team!

When mata mata and and gangster (ang kong) come together..........

Next was game time!

Pass the pocky!!

Blow & burst the balloon!

and dance your hearts out!


These are the consolation prize winners! 

Best dressed award goes to.... *drum rolls*



and most spontaneous award goes to.... *drum rolls*



Moving on to the top 3 lucky prizes, in 3rd place we have...

A Kanken bag and the lucky winner is... Sandra!

2nd prize goes to...

A Polaroid camera goes to none other than Farina!

And to the first and most amazing prize...

The luckiest Alson Tian with an iPad Mini!!!!!!!!!

This D&D wouldn't have been a successful one if not for all the meticulous planning done by the graduating batch of 2013 seniors, our amazing sponsors, Coaches and Rexaz!!!!

Special thanks to our sponsors, Cuffz Holdings for all the amazing lucky draw prizes! Rexaz is too blessed and fortunate!